Our Professional Step-by-Step Process

1. Design Layout
The pool design is painted and staked on the property, per the sales agreement. The pool elevation and equipment location will be determined at this time.
1 Forming and staking out pool
2. Excavation
Forming and excavation of the swimming pool will be completed per the design.
2 Excavation
3. Steel
Rebar reinforced steel will be formed to match your pool design within the excavated area.
3 Steel
4. Bonding Inspection
County Inspection is completed.
5. Short Stub Plumbing
The return lines, skimmers and main drain will be installed to help streamline the construction process.
4 Short stub plumbing
6. Concrete Shell
The wet-mix shotcrete shell of your swimming pool will be sculpted, matching the detail of your specs.
5 Shotcrete
7. Plumbing/Electric/Gas
The equipment will be set, and the plumbing lines will be run in ditches to ensure their safety. The electrical lines will be located in the same trenches and tied into your home’s electrical panel. Gas will follow if necessary.
6 Plumbing, electric and gas
8. Underground Inspection
County Inspection is completed. The electrical and gas lines will be inspected by a county inspector.
9. Deck Grading & Bonding
The trenches will be covered, and a copper wire will be bonded to the rebar in the pool.
7 Deck grading
10. Bonding Inspection
County Inspection completed.
11. Tile & Coping
The custom tile and coping you choose will be installed.
8 Tile and coping
12. Decking
We will meet at this point to lay out the decking area, after which the deck will be installed (concrete, pavers, etc).
9 Decking
13. Plaster/Pebble Tec
The interior finish of your choice will be applied to the shotcrete shell of your pool.
10 Interior finish
14. Fill Your Pool
Fill your pool using your home spigot or by tanker truck.
11 Filling pool
15. Indoctrination
We will schedule a meeting to assist you in the operation of your pool equipment (Pool School).
12 Finsished pool
16. Final Inspection
County Inspection completed.

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